Monday, April 5, 2010

The Search for the Wedge Sandal . . .

Michael Kors 'Juniper' Espadrille Sandal - $140
Stuart Weitzman 'Alex' Espadrille Sandal - $365

So lately I have been obsessing over the Stuart Weitzman sandals that Jennifer Aniston is wearing in one of my previous posts. Obviously I can't justify shelling out the almost $400 for them so I have been on the lookout for a better alternative. Last Friday during an afternoon of family shopping, I spotted these Michael Kors sandals that were pretty darn close and half the cost. I have yet to try them on and determine the comfort and cuteness level but it is definitely on my to do list. Now whether I purchase these or continue to be on the lookout for a better bargain . . . stay tuned!!


  1. I've totally been obsessing over Jennifer Aniston's wedges too! The Michael Kors pair look exactly the same! I need to go check them out too. :)

  2. I'm a big M Kors fan, but i would just buy the Stuarts. If you really love them, you'll wear them more and you'll have them forever. Think about the cost over a couple of years. I can help you justify any purchase! :) Isn't that what girlfriends are for? :)

  3. Ok, so I guess one added benefit of this blog is I get to see who the "bad influences" are amongst Nicole's friends . . . Jenny, you are now 1st on the list :)