Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Cookbook from Giada!!

Giada at Home: Family Recipes from Italy and California
The Food Lover's Companion

Last night I attended a demo at Williams-Sonoma featuring recipes from "Giada at Home: Family Recipes from Italy and California", which is the newest cookbook from Giada De Laurentiis. For all of my fellow food and/or cooking lovers out there, this is a great book to add to your collection. Although we only sampled a few recipes, as I browsed through the others, they all seemed to be simple ingredients with lots of flavor which is definitely my kind of cooking.

The recipes I had the pleasure of eating last night included the following:

Artichoke & Bean Crostini
Pea Pesto Crostini
Chicken Milanese with Tomato and Fennel Sauce
Bibb, Basil and Mint Salad with Parmesean Butter Crostini
Raspberry Pound Cake with Vin Santo Cream

These were all absolutely delightful and ones I would definitely make at home.

Another perk from last night was that we were offered 10% off in the store and I found myself purchasing yet another book called "The Food Lover's Companion". This is an awesome food dictionary that will tell you about any kind of ingredient you can think of, the history of it, how to store it and what substitutes you can use. I figured this was a must have in the kitchen for as much as I like to cook/bake.

Until next time my culinary companions . . . bon apetit!!

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  1. Giada was just on the Today show a couple of days ago and she made some chicken recipe that looked so yummy :) I think I will have to buy her cook book!
    I also love your post on Jennifer Aniston :) She is a great dresser that is for sure :) Keep up the good work Nicole :) This was a great idea!!! xoxoxo