Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to My Blog . . .

So when it came time to think of a name for this new blog who else would I turn to for help than my BFF and little sis, Bec. After many fun and entertaining options we came up with "My Honey and Bunnies". Why this title you may ask, well allow me to explain. My intention for this blog is really to talk about being a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend as well as share the things I am passionate about. My "Honey" is none other than the best hubby in the world, Brian, and my "Bunnies" are all of the wonderful people out there that I love so much, my beautiful daughter Addison, my puppy Wrigley, my sis and bro (Bec and Mike), my mom and dad and extended family thanks to my hubby and all of my friends out there (Enj, Siobhan, Lori, the LA crew and my fellow Chi-town mommies, etc). I hope you all enjoy reading about the things I love in and about life and tune in for more . . .


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  1. I found you! HAHA, I didn't know it was you who left that comment. This is adorable! I'm totally going to follow. Love the name, so cute!!!